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Oh my, time flies by. Whether you’re having fun or not. So you better have fun.

It’s been six months since I wrote my wish list for 2017. Being half way through the year, it’s gonna be interesting to see how much progress I’ve actually made in making those wishes come true.

I mean if I’m not doing anything, I bet the universe won’t just drop those wishes on my lap. So let’s take some accountability here and see if I’ve actually moved my beautiful butt to make it all happen.

1. My god child has a precious sister

In the beginning of the year I wished to spend more time with my god child. Beautiful princess was born in 2014 when I was in the midst of my world trip and I came back just to be there when she was born.

Every next year, I came back from traveling to celebrate her birthday: the first one, the second one and recently we celebrated her third birthday. But since her second birthday I’ve been (stuck) in the Netherlands, so I’ve been around quite a bit. And I must say it’s an absolute pleasure to spend more time with her.

Love my god child to bits and pieces

It’s amazing to see how much joy this princess brings to life. She’s so funny, bubbly and amazingly social. She’s still so extremely amazed by life, it’s inspiring. I wish to live life like a three year old… all the time. You just get to appreciate the little things so much more.

So I’ll put this on the bucket list as well: To stay true to my inner child and take every experience as it was my first.

Soon I’m going on my first date with her (and it’ll give her parents some time off, haha). I’m taking her to a donkey farm and we’re gonna walk the donkey. She’s so excited she keeps mentioning the donkeys every time I see her.

I think this is gonna be the best first date of my life.

And things got even more beautiful, because little princess has a sister now. So it’s double the fun (and in a few years double trouble, I’m telling you 😉 She’s just as amazing as her sister and I’m grateful that she’s around.

2. Volunteering

Volunteering in Arhanta Yoga AshramVolunteering in Arhanta Yoga Ashram

From November to February I’ve been volunteering in a Dutch yoga ashram for a couple of months. Food and shelter in return for some office and garden work. Absolutely lovely.

After my ashram experience I’ve accepted a job, so there’s not so much time for volunteering. I’ve taken on some donation based writing and designing work, but no big time volunteering gigs yet.

With my upcoming travel plans (more about that below), I’m looking for volunteer work again. I’ve already been in contact with a yoga school in Thailand for a volunteer position. But since I’m going into the other direction first, I should start looking into opportunities in Central- and South America 🙂

I’ve registered on and I believe I should manage to land a cool volunteer position somewhere this year. I’ll keep you posted about that. But if you happen to know about a great co-living, co-working and/or volunteer place to live, work and do lots of yoga in Central or South America, please send me a message.

3. Zero sugar challenge

Yay, wow! This one can be checked off. I’m actually right in the middle of my zero sugar challenge as we speak.

I wanted to do it right, so I choose to go zero (added) sugar for not one but two whole months. I’m half way now. I’ll give you the extended version about my experience in a blog soon. But as a sneak preview:

The first week was hell. Absolute zero sugar hell.

I have to say I didn’t eat that much sugar to begin with, but I did like my occasional (uhm… daily) piece of chocolate. It was my treat, my guilty pleasure, it kept me sane.

No cakes during my zero sugar challenge

The first week without chocolate was so difficult. I had crazy sugar cravings all the time. I’d walk into a supermarket and check for sugar free chocolate. Of course I couldn’t find any. But I’d honestly walk back to the chocolate section and check the same package about three times.

What was I thinking?

I was honestly hoping that suddenly the sugar would have magically disappeared from the ingredients list. Now if that’s no addiction.

4. Learn the primary series of Ashtanga yoga

Yoga every damn day

Well actually, I’m working on this one. Unfortunately I haven’t kept up with my daily yoga practice, since there’s so little time with a full time job and freelance work.

But I’ve been on my mat every weekend for my Hatha yoga practice and sometimes I practice yin yoga in the evening. And I can even get into Chakrasana without any props now. Yay me!

Since there’s just 24 hours in a day (and there’s no proper yoga school for Ashtanga close by), I’ve decided that if I can’t go to Ashtanga, Ashtanga will come to me. For about a month now I’m learning the primary series on YouTube. Long live the internet.

Every weekend I’m on my mat sweating and puffing my way through the practice. But I love it. I’ll definitely continue practicing, so let’s see how far I’ll get by the end of the year.

5. Walk a pilgrimage

Walking 30K

No hardcore pilgrimage yet, but I’ve actually done quite some walking. In March there was a big event in my hometown and my BFF was gonna walk 10K. The week before the event the weather forecast was so beautiful that I decided I wanted to go, too.

But I wasn’t gonna just gonna stand there and cheer on other people. No, I wanted to join.

And I wanted to challenge myself, because 10K wouldn’t be enough. And I realised if I walk 20K and I’m not knackered at the finish line, I’ll be disappointed.

So I decided to register for 30K. Without any preparation or practice. I just signed up and did it. I walked 30K. On sheer willpower and character.

So I believe this is quite a good preparation for the pilgrimage that will hopefully follow somewhere this year.

6. Workations with Mana Creative Studio

Now here we go. This is the biggest accomplishment so far. Not only is business growing. I’m writing more, I’m landing more clients and I’m one lucky girl because I’m able to do more design work, too. Which I love! I just love to make pretty things and make things pretty.

Next to my first pleasure trip, I’ve also been on my first official press trip to the south of Holland in April.

On my first official press trip

But the best thing is: I did it! I finally bought a ticket for the Nomad Cruise V in September.

I actually wanted to join last year in November, when my world had fallen apart and I was longing for another adventure. But I was so completely broke (and heartbroken) that I felt this was not my time.

But the time is NOW. So I booked an early bird ticket for the Nomad Cruise – and this actually does count as a workation, doesn’t it.

7. Take at least one long soul-searching journey to a far away destination

Contemplating life on Ibiza

First of all, I went for a holiday to Ibiza in May. My friend and I agreed that we shouldn’t party all the time, but we really wanted to explore the island and do lots of yoga and chilling out.

So we rented a car and we’ve seen a lot of the island. Which was absolutely breathtaking.

I think I did about five yoga poses on a beach once, during sunset. Does that count?

Well to be honest it hasn’t been a real soul searching journey.

However, considering number 6 a true soul searching journey shouldn’t be too difficult to accomplish this year. Although as a digital nomad (or as a freelancer in general) I think I should stay aware that I actually take time for soul searching. I shouldn’t be working all the time, or chasing wifi everywhere.

I’ll definitely reserve time for another soul searching experience. And on the bucket list for 2017 is at least one more Vipassana retreat.

And in my ideal world I would actually do the freelance work in a soul searching environment. Like a co-working space with lots of conscious entrepreneurs and possibilities for healthy living, yoga and meditation. Ideas? Anyone?

Here you go. Now that has been put out there in the Universe.

8. Celebrate friendships

This is a tough one. On the one hand I’m spending quite some time with the people I love. Being back in the Netherlands I can actually spend way more quality time with them than before.

We cook and eat together. We go out sometimes, to the cinema, to concerts (yay, Guus!) and events. We spend hours and hours in a jacuzzi until our skins are wrinkled and the wine is finished.

There was even a wedding last week – I love weddings. I love to celebrate love.

I’m investing time as well in new friendships. I’ve hung out with my yoga friends from the ashram, and I can’t wait to see those lovely faces in a few weeks again. I’ve made new friends and I’m spending quite some time on building my (professional) network after being away for so long.

But to be honest, I feel it can always be more. I’ve a fulltime job now and my spare time I mostly spend on the freelance work. So there’s little time left for friends and family.

But with my departure date in less than 100 days, I guess I should make this an even higher priority on my list.

Great reminder, this half year report!

9. Mucho random acts of kindness

Hello, I work as a coffee lady! My work is one big act of kindness – I fill up coffee machines 🙂

And mucho more acts of kindness every day.

A smile, a compliment and even a hug every now and then. Just lightning up the days of workers, having talks with people and even more: listening to their stories.

Asking people for their dreams and (hopefully) inspiring them to make them come true, too – if only a little.

Sparkling good vibes around, everywhere.

Which brings us to the end of this list.


Yeah, I know. My number 10 🙁

10. More intimacy

No intimacy, no magic yet in 2017. Honestly, my heart is still hurt and broken. So I’ll take time for this.

First, I’ll focus on getting my life back together, making sure that when I leave with the Nomad Cruise I’ve things set into place.

I guess when I keep following my heart, magic will fall into place.

It did the last time… 🙂

So looking back on the last six months, I’m doing quite well I guess. Just another six months to make those wishes come true!

How is your 2017 rollin’ so far? Let me know in the comments.


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