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Trust, don’t be afraid, everything is gonna be alright. Even after my fair share of heartbreak and goodbyes, I’m still a sucker for love. I believe love is the strongest force in the world and prince charming comes in many shapes and forms. I also believe in rainbows, unicorns and fairy tales. They remind me that if I can dream it, I can do it. So let’s sparkle love and kindness everywhere.

Find here tools and inspiration to live a life full of love, kindness and compassion.

7 Things A Happy Person Does

It's 6 A.M. on a cold and dark winter day. The alarm goes off and I wonder: “What am I doing here?” After traveling the world for four years and living in tropical countries, of course it's a shock to be back in Europe: cold, dark and wet. I remember years ago when I...

What I have been up to – Half Year Report 2017

Oh my, time flies by. Whether you’re having fun or not. So you better have fun. It’s been six months since I wrote my wish list for 2017. Being half way through the year, it’s gonna be interesting to see how much progress I’ve actually made in making those wishes come true.

Another 100 days

It was in 2012 when I wrote my first 100 days story. Now, exactly five years later, it’s another 100 days until I embark on yet another amazing journey. This time as a solo female traveler living as a nomadic freelancer.

100 days

Preps? Writing? Preps? Writing? Aaarrgh, the pressure of choices. I’ve had a tiny little writer’s block over the past few weeks – hence the lack of a new post.

About Me

Inge Rosenbaum

Hi beautiful soul, I'm Inge!

Wanderer, truth-seeker and love warrior.

I have an endless urge to wander this beautiful, magnificent planet and to discover the true meaning of things. And I'm a sucker for love. Yes... I do believe in fairy tales.

 I want to help you travel consciously, do some serious soul-searching and sparkle love & kindness on the way. Let's grow wings and use them.

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